Magic squares of single-even order:   Special methods

Magic squares of single-even order (n=6, 10, 14, …) are known to be difficult to construct. One reason e.g. can be recognized, if you divide the square in its four quadrants. This time, these quadrants are of odd order, so that it is impossible to fill them in a symmetrical order. You always have to balance the elements to get equal sums.

You will find more methods to create magic squares of single-even order in section Even and also in subsections n=4k+2 or n even of section Doubled Order.

al-Haytham (n ⩾ 10)
Bachet – Labosne
Wang Fat – Zhou Ming
Unknown author (Method 1)

All algorithms are described in detail in my PDF book. (chapter: Magic Squares of single-even order)

DokumenteDetailed description of algorithms to create magic squares.